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10/22/2000 c1 13Naveed
i think that's probably the truth about what killers feel and think. i personally enjoy writing horror stories but have never actually really described the feelings of the killer as they do there dirty work. i like this, good work! =)
10/15/2000 c1 ker
aww. I'm crying... That was so sad... you should try author fics... you would be really good at it. Miss you lots. luv Ker
10/12/2000 c1 kat kassidy1
man - you r really good ! this sounds like an Eminem song, if he released this- I would bet my ass it would go to number one.u will go far !
9/30/2000 c1 1Veggie-chan12
hmm... good story
9/25/2000 c1 SamanthaGrant
that was really good..it really made me think about a killers point of view...clearly your killer *no pun meant* showed signs of remorse but a cold blooded murderer who felt no guilt or sorrow for what he had done imagine that...*shivers* theres a film coming out that is a simular thing..it's called 'The Cell' it has Jenifer Lopez in it...

9/23/2000 c1 2Flame
umm that was interesting...
9/22/2000 c1 j
I think you have the basis of a good story here, but I think it should be more "edgy". This piece could be more fragmented, perhaps not written in complete sentences, but merely words or "flashes of thought". Because you put so many caveats in the beginning, perhaps you're not comfortable with this dark material and you give the killer a concious. Try this on for size...change the point of view of the killer and remove the remorse. Make it planned and unremorsefull. If this individual is cold-blooded, allow it to be. The death row inmate "finding Jesus" in the eleventh hour is common, as this killer is struck by his/her actions and suddenly . To quote Steven King "...you must bring about what is both inevitable and yet unexpected". Good point of view, go with it and really get into that frame of mind. I've written horror for the better part of twenty years, and know that writing does not reflect desired action.
9/21/2000 c1 Fang
wow...i dont think many people care about what a killer thinks, they just think of them as evil people, and they forget that a lot of them seem completely normal at first sight. This fic shows people another point of view, and i liked it, even though its creepy. Good job!
9/17/2000 c1 PikaSparks
V. good fic, poor man! He had regretted what he did, and was ready to repent his sins.. but.. alas they wouldn't and COULDN'T listen to him! Well wrote and shows just how injust the death penalty actually is! This fic kicks ass!
9/16/2000 c1 Genesis1
I don't think that this story was really graphic (I read sick and twisted stuff). I think it was kinda sad, I mean, you kinda feel sorry for dude-man there. But I think this is cool!
9/16/2000 c1 Dee-dee
good. where did u think of this kind a idea. creative
9/9/2000 c1 Angel54
graphic but oddly deep
9/9/2000 c1 feedmeseymour
You are way demented mike. It sounds like Hitler gone mental here. Go read Dark Blood and dark Pride. Nice and gory for a weirdo like you. See you, and perhaps beat you up, in school. bwahahahaha!
9/9/2000 c1 ker-rin
wow... good
9/9/2000 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
That was very interesting. It makes you think why killers do what they do. Great job! ;]
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