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12/8/2002 c1 1Valimalirit
Oh my gosh this is so sad! You are a very good poetry writer! The end is the part that got me...
6/11/2002 c1 83Zemmiphobic
OH. MY. GOD. This is so sad and oh man-it's horribly sad- and yet i love it- it's perfect. god, this poem makes my heart jump- awesome
6/8/2002 c1 lalalalalala1
OMG! that is so sad! Keep writing more!
5/14/2002 c1 159Heather Goldbug
That's so sad. The content of your poetry is very very good, but the wording sounds more like a story. I'm aware that you write stories, I haven't read any yet. Perhaps they sound more.. "right" for their genre. I like your poetry, but it's a little bit weird.
5/14/2002 c1 8Brandee Knox
Woah... I feel like that so much when I look into the mirror. I havent killed myself tho b/c I decided not to. Where did you get the inspiration 4 this?
4/15/2002 c1 45OzFox12
Very Nice! I'm a sucker for dark and sad poetry, I love it, Keep writing!

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