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for Madness at the Stop and Go

6/25/2006 c1 nemo
omg. this piece is sad, yet awesome. u did a good job,dude
8/18/2002 c1 Moonstorm
I blame society for me not reading this sooner! Wow, dear, this was REALLY insightfully and thought provoking. The POV was outstanding, giving new insight into the different perspectives and your use of suspence breathtaking. I loved it! ^_^
4/13/2002 c1 Please re-format
That's crazy!

It's on my favorites
4/12/2002 c1 4Albedo
The end is surprising and quite appropriate... That was good. This won't take out, though, the bad feeling of someone getting killed..

Please don't take me badly, I'm just not in the mood for deaths.. keep writing! :)

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