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12/16/2005 c7 15strikingsilver
very cool

add more soon!
12/16/2005 c6 strikingsilver
my fave so far i think
12/16/2005 c5 strikingsilver
pretty good
12/16/2005 c4 strikingsilver
12/16/2005 c3 strikingsilver
this is good i like

12/16/2005 c2 strikingsilver
3/12/2004 c7 32Birdaloo
i love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU DIVINE! thats all i can say! for youve left me without words! yet again:D
9/1/2002 c7 3Becky Cookie
I think your poetry is lovely. It has a ryhmic (did I spell that right?) kind of flow to it. Everything just seems to go together like it should and it just sounds right.

Poetry is a terrific way to express your feelings. Many times, I've found myself writing poetry during a particularly happy, sad, exciting, or scary time.

I hope you will continue writing poetry, you are very talented. Keep up the good work and to good writing, and have a wonderful day (sorry, just had to add that in!)

8/18/2002 c7 1Escritora
Wow, I now pronounce you the Queen of Imagery (you may kiss the bride). Er, right, anyway, these are fanastic! Really descriptive!

I also wanted to commend you on what you left in a review for "Road trip," my longest and only complete story so far. You wrote:

"Draco jumped up. "Can I come with?"

The idea of Draco Malfoy asking Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley if he can 'come with' is hilarious. The best laugh of the chapter- nay, the story!

THANK YOU! Those lines were for humorous intentions, and it was lost on everyone but you. Does anyoen else realize how fantastically odd and weird that is? I yanked my best friend over to the computer and asked her what she thought of those sentences. She shrugged, "They're normal." Blubbering idiot.

Well, yeah. Awesomeness. Adios~Tori
5/26/2002 c1 Veronica
very good...deep...but touching...have you ever submitted your stuff to any mags? you should...well bye!
5/26/2002 c3 6Ruby-Kate Gamgee
Nice description here. Can really picture it, and feel it... and ooh so real. Really captures the moment :)
5/26/2002 c4 Ruby-Kate Gamgee
Agh I like this. It's just... beautiful. There are lines in this which feel like the things I've been looking for in my head when trying to write and I just can't find 'em. I like these kind of poems, emotional and despairing. :) By the way i'm not reading these poems in any order, I'm just clicking on whichever title looks interesting. I'm going to read them all, just in my own order :)
5/26/2002 c7 Ruby-Kate Gamgee
I love this Entwined one. The phrase "little lover" sounds so pretty, nice alliteration there. I've never really heard this phrase before, it's good. I like the idea of complimenting each other. I want more! :)
5/26/2002 c1 13Raspberry Ginger
Now. Answering everyone's reviews.

Chevira- Doll, I'm gonna add another installment right now.

Sunny- thanks. It is sad. I hope more people DO hear about it.

IlUvDrAcOmAlFoY- Y'know, just thinking about typing your name makes me groan! Yeesh. Talk about a lot of work! Now,

Ch. 1- It has no deeper meaning. It's just something that popped into my head. A whole lot of imagery. I suppose if you psychoanalysed me, you might come up with some connection... :D Wait, it DIDN'T go 'BOOM'? Well that's just surprising.

Ch. 2- again, basically a load of imagery. But at the end, it does mention Greece, doesn't it? Yeah. So that's it. I think. ARGH! You're confusing me about my own poems. Lol. As if I'm not confused enough already.

Ch. 3- Nah, if you were really there, you'd just wanna sleep. Boyfriends, or at least mine, only have one thing on their mind when they are left to their own devices in a hammock with you... not peaceful enough. Lol.

Ch. 4- delighted! Happy you liked this one! Mwah and thanks for all the reviews!
5/26/2002 c6 1IlUvDrAcOmAlFoY
I'm so sorry that I totally ruined the whole concept of reviewing! just delete them all! be gone with them! this one to! but that last poem is just so good...it gets ya thinking...it just is such a good poem about our world...and as much as i hate to admit, it perfectly describes some parts of it.
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