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5/21/2002 c1 7Ragnarok2
the poem is great, you seem to have a thing for poetry. the burning part was a bit puzzling, but i'm guessing it has something to do with anger, maybe? just a thought. keep it up!
5/19/2002 c1 17Jade6
wow - powerful statement... um, I have just one piece of advice... I think you might have been doing this on purpose but if not... on the line *Do you not need me now?* you might want to remove the last word because the line above also ends in *now* so it sounds a bit repeatitive... anyway, you don't have to I just think it makes the poem flow better without that single word... but other then that I loved this piece and I think it expresses something we can all relate too! Great work! =)
5/17/2002 c1 26Jade the Expert Predator
I feel like this a lot... I hope you feel better now. 8)

You have Yahoo messenger? That's the best way to catch me. ^_^
5/13/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Ooh. Very depressing. Good, though. Normally I would say something like ". . . would have been better without the swearing . . ." (LOL, a lot of people have heard that from me. ^-^) but I can see where it's needed in here. Good job on this. I like all the references to fire with the "I'm burning away, away, away." I like how you repeated the words every now and then. Very good. Upload some more poetry soon!

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie
4/17/2002 c1 Liller
coolie. i like it, but there's not much ofc a meter. my one question is, why is he burning?
4/16/2002 c1 15mental-dragon
That's pretty good, but I don't get the burning part.

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