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11/15/2002 c1 Topher
I like the rhyming, it's very nicely done. It seems as if it was hard coming up with it though. Good job!
5/31/2002 c1 Serinde
nice poem! Rhymes which actually work... *ponders* v. impressive. Well done. :)
5/25/2002 c1 1Sick Little Fiend
You ARE? Wow, you're all those things, really? Cool! Lol, cute poem!
5/19/2002 c1 17Jade6
I love the way this flows... great work! =)
5/19/2002 c1 12Lizzie-the-barking-hamster
Very good! a rhyming (soory if its spelt wrong so are all my things!) poem that does not sound like you used the words just coz they rhyme (even if you did it doesn't sound like it so nod and grunt in a non commital way nad no one will mind. Sorry this is kinda long but brilliant poem :) (Thanx 4 d review as well)
5/17/2002 c1 26Jade the Expert Predator
Contradictions abound... I _like_ this! 8) It's not angst or depressing, which I tend to like more, but, hey, this was a nice turn. 8)

Thanks for the Metallica review, I'm glad someone liked it!

I have waaaaaaaay too many screen names ^_^;; I'd say to get yahoo messenger first and tell me your SN. That'd be considerably easier. 8P
5/13/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Another good one. I like how the words you use tie in together, like sun and star, beauty and light, watcher and guard, etc. Very good. You're quite talented! ^.^

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie
4/19/2002 c1 38Snakecharmer
great =)
4/17/2002 c1 Liller
i like it... not very much to say though. there is no point to it right? like, you didn'thave something in mind when you wrote it?
4/16/2002 c1 15mental-dragon
Okay, that was new...
4/14/2002 c1 22solemnpessimist
I like it, and no, it's not depressing!

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