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10/1/2010 c1 Just an Impressed Anon
To be absolutely honest here, this is one of the best composed, written and grammatically nearly-correct(this comment won't be though) =) Centaur fictions that I have read on this site. I especially liked the beginning about the Dust Demons, giving something that seems so minor meaning and life. You portrayed the humans as bad creatures also, but not as 'slave' holders, or 'at war', but just dull-witted and not aware of what they do are and /are/ doing. That was a welcome change to the norm. Though I do not get why there are no spaced between paragraphs and lines? Is this something to do with Fictionpress's upload feature or just a glitch? Either way if there were some breaks and just a few tweaks to grammar it would improve this work more! I do very much like this story and if anyone asks I would recommend it for a good read! And as tradition, are you writing more to this? Or is it complete?

Thank you for proving that there are some aspiring writers that do post on this site!
11/18/2004 c1 2dragon-wisher
I like the fact that you write about centaurs (like me!), and that you put such a nice amount of detail into your work. The words and ideas flow very nicely. The story is sad and very, very wonderful!
4/8/2003 c1 20Silver Foxglove
O, this story was very well written. It fit the song Man's Road, which I am actually listening to right now ^_^ this is a good story, I enjoyed it a lot!

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