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for Wandering Through The Mist

11/6/2000 c1 K9
Touching, definitly touching. Kinda makes me feel like I should be a better person and get out there and help people.
11/6/2000 c1 Cally1
Very good work! :)

I likey very much..hehe
10/23/2000 c1 7lexxie r
Very good. It was descriptive without being tedious. Nice writing.
9/30/2000 c1 18Selena Benilo
This was fantastic!I loved it!
9/27/2000 c1 12Kate Davis
Exceptional. I can see her walking around and hear the cart and feel her pain. Also your wishes for her safety shine through, and especially since it isn't based on fact, that's quite an achievement! You have a real talent for poetry - I can't believe you're so young! Please write more.
9/26/2000 c1 Six
first off, awesome title...secondly, really awesome poem...it was sad, but true...great writing : )
9/21/2000 c1 68LunarBard
I don't know what to say...but it was deep.
9/20/2000 c1 2bunny chan
sweet! i love it! what happened to her?
9/11/2000 c1 21janet84
Oh, how sad. Good rhythm on the poem though - flows very well.

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