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7/19/2005 c1 18Fairbright
I can't really tell you what it is about this story I like, but whatever it is, it gave me chills. Maybe it was the way you portrayed the sweet innocence of childhood against the stark reality of the present, or maybe it had something to do with the bitter sting of memories lost that you described so well. Anyways, whatever the reason, you did a fantastic job with this piece.
9/16/2001 c1 Ismini
I liked the whole story.Very inspiring and touching.You must've put a great effort to write it...
7/15/2001 c1 Maggie
Oh my, oh my, Tracie. You were right, this is really good. It's so sad, and it's just well, left me speechless. You survived so much, and this is really wonderful.
7/14/2001 c1 5AquaianGoddess
I like this story. You said it's one of your best, I agree. It's beautiful. I almost cried. It takes a lot to make me cry. You story is beautiful and deep and true. Memories are precious things, never forget anything, unless it's bad.
2/23/2001 c1 CatStar
Hey Trace! I just had to review this. It was really good, so don't you dare say it isn't! BTW, I want to thank you ahead of time for helping me think of a story! ^.^
11/14/2000 c1 23Rb
::hugs: Oh, Trace...this is really, really, good. It's beautiful.
9/22/2000 c1 LiliaS
A good vignette/story. You have an incredibly rich style. You should write some more original stuff; I'd totally love to see it. You should also try poetry ;-)

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