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for Lessons Learned From One Who Didn't Practice

5/11/2002 c1 1CantoErgoSum
cool title. this was a great poem and it describes me unfortunately... i sing and i don't practice... cute poem.

this has been pointless redundancy from the department of unnescessary reptition division.

i love that. it confuses people. =D
4/18/2002 c1 4DigimonDragonLady
*shrugs* I didn't NOT practice...I just left it up til the last minute. ^^;;; It was always, "yeah, I'll do it later, mom." lol.
4/18/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
oh wow, i did that for auditions for chair placements turns out i somehow made 3rd chair next year! it's really weird, i never practice and i'm the third best out of fifty! i'm really thinking my teacher made a mistake b/c i'm really not that good! i'm not trying to sound like i'm bragging so if i do i'm really sorry! but the same thing also happened to me once, i cried my eyes out for not practicing b/c if i would have practiced i probably would have remembered to repeat the thing! and probably would have gotten the right notes and rhytms. SO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS PERSON PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

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