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for Aaron

6/20/2004 c1 17noche
I'm going to tell you what many other people have told you (yeah I like your stories so much I read the reviews... anyways...)
This was fucked up man, I love it.
2/15/2004 c1 26Endless Nightmares
Graphic story, and nicely done.
I really enjoyed this. Evil as the summary said. AAron got pretty messed up in the head. The end seen was just eerie.
Disturbingly well done, and I am looking forward in your next story.
Whispers In Silence
2/2/2004 c1 carmice3
"AAron removed the duct tape from her mouth" Hole in one from the get go!
Ouchy. Harsh dude.
Not as engaging as your other stuff. The whince factor makes me shy away a bit. Not bad, just a bit much for me. (I have a thing about eyes)
3/5/2003 c1 217MistrissD
o.O That was really fuked up, but in the most positive way possible. If I was still an ice queen, that would be the best story in the world *mumbles something about love* Anywayz, fuked up as hell, an a great story ^.^
4/19/2002 c1 supafynechick 2 lazy 2 sign in
hey good story here, kinda short but o well =P
4/18/2002 c1 41Willum
This is really F*up, Deacon. It's really an interesting premis, and one that should be fleshed out quite a bit more.

Some back story to it, perhaps dealing with Aaron's other killings (I assume there were others) and with Derek working on the case, catching Aaron's interest.

Also, it would be nice to know how Aaron is able to "have his way".

Over all, a nice concept, but not enough story to back it up.

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