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8/30/2003 c1 16kelseytheballerina
LOL I LOVED IT! I loved the hippies. Dude, we like, live off the land...LOL! This is going in my favorites! Yea I agree...you should write a sequel :D! LOL it was so funny! Hehe ^_^! Great job! ^_-!

6/19/2003 c1 I lost my earphones
Ingenius storytelling! A fancy romp and trampling through a garden of beautiful tulips! That was the most enjoyable fun I've had in a while! Thank you ever so much!
12/19/2002 c1 26Der Drache der Himmel
*rolls around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably* Oh, man! Why didn't I read and review this before? This story is stinkin' hilarious!
4/23/2002 c1 4LordJimi
ROFLOL thats funny! I like it! you should do a sequal, just so you could say "Hey look! I did a sequal!"

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