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for Sweet Memories

4/24/2002 c1 294Newkirk's Heroes
"This blasted, wintry, unfriendly shuttle

Of hard metal walls"

Wow...that is utterly lovely. I cannot say how much I like this poem. The word choice, the imagery...just everything! This is excellent...Now I have to read more of your stuff :)
4/21/2002 c1 25Karmatic Sunshine
wow, thats a really great poem, i love your style and such a unique idea. I expecially like the music and the friendship stanza's i found that i could really relate to them. good job, you have a great talent

4/21/2002 c1 97ShinigamiForever
The darkness, in your poem, is almost like a womb, to reborne the person into light again. ( me being way to philosphical. Return to normal mode, ay ay captain!) I like the line "In memory of sweet, bitter memories." You're a really good writer, don't downgrade yourself!

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