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6/22/2003 c1 Noxcaladoxia
omg. thank you for shaving 2 years off my life lol. and im not talkin about the bad ones at the end. dude that was scary. it left me speechless.
5/26/2002 c1 Akiko Manami
WHOA...This was ...COOL! A slight bit confusing around the end, but DEFINATELY worth the time it takes to read it!
5/21/2002 c1 3Tiffany Kremer
That was the first story that I have read on fanfic that was written in the second person. I thought you did a very nice job with that. For some reason, I can only write in the third. I tried first person but it just went downhill after the first couple paragraphs and second just looks to complicated, hehe.

Anyway, you have wonderful descriptions. I thought you described things wonderfully, painting a picture for the readers to see and letting the reader feel the emotions that you want then to feel and the pain. Very well done.

This was a great story. It really did raise the hair on the back of my neck.

And lastly, thank you for reviewing my story 'If I Can't Have You, No One Will'. I really appreciated it.
5/9/2002 c1 sushimaster
wow. thats all I can say. wow. You write very well. It most certanly is NOT an average "haunted house."
4/27/2002 c1 8Aenaithia
[cue theme to "The Twilight Zone"]

Creepy! You're right, you can write good horror stories. BTW, what does Schism mean?
4/23/2002 c1 1Ewacat

*Is freaked*

Okay... very strange and creepy... *Shivers* All I really have to say is that there were a few grammatical hitches. Otherwise... Bah. Excessive spookage.

Seriously, I can't look behind me now.

*Laughs nervously*

Umm. Yes.

Excellent. ^_^;;;

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