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3/17/2008 c15 i-see-faeries
Wow, just wow. This was rather simple but still intriguing. I think it's incredibly cute. I love Mack, and although Charlie freaks me out with his seemingly perfect personality and dark secrets, I accpt him. I love this, update soon.
8/19/2005 c15 Kaley
So, this is the best story I've ever read on fictionpress. I go up to see the date of when you updated last, trying to judge how long I'd have to wait for another chapter, and it's been two years. Which means this probably won't be updated. Which makes me want to cry. A lot. I'm still adding you to my favorites, looking out for any updates at all, and until then I'll mourn a lot. You're amazing.
6/13/2005 c15 Anonymous
I figured I'd review, 'cause 89's an odd number and fairly ugly (no offense) and something even like 90 makes a bigger impact...although 70's a much cooler number, I must say...anyway, I'm rambling.

Yeah, good story, I know you haven't updated in a few years but why not? I can see you're bored...Maybe you need something to do...Yes, this story is a good outlet for your fears and insecurities *counselor stuff isn't working; pulls out gun* All right, update NOW. And I MEAN it.
5/20/2005 c15 1corpsesfrown
OH Nice. I wanna read more so I hope you didn't give up on this completely! Please update!
12/5/2004 c15 2Dream Fox
A very interesting story...unlike most fanfiction, i'm completely unsure of where you're going with all of this, although i hope it's slashy!
8/4/2004 c15 18Val Mora
A good story. Your characters are interesting and pretty believable, and I'm really enjoying reading this.
You have a few spelling errors - a lot of it is homonym errors, though, so you may not notice it. If you can, get a grammar check, or if that fails, a beta. It'll fix all the little nitpicky problems.
Other than the minor spelling errors, quite a good story!
8/1/2004 c15 96Liebe Sasa
If you don't update this story, I -will- hunt you down and kick your ass. Seriously. ~glare~ Yeah, it was last updated about 4 months ago, and yeah, I just found it, but dammit... It's good! Bah.
6/4/2004 c15 4Spawn of Hell
oh this is good !
i so want to know whats happening with Mack... who gave him the hickeys ? and i do hope hes gonna be able to help Charlie even though i dont know how... maybe by simply being his friend ? anyways this is great i look forward to the next chapter...
4/27/2004 c15 3Rivana
It's too bad you haven't updated more of this story. It's really wonderful. Beautifully told and emotional, really got to me this one... *smiles*
3/6/2004 c15 1A Griff of Many Colours
*sniffles* They're so beautiful! ;_; I love these two. Excellant story. ^_^
1/28/2004 c15 6Wolfwitch
Oh, Another story to follow!
11/24/2003 c15 Monkiechi
wow...i just love your story...it's really touching...and your writing is very clear and smooth...hope you update soon...im dying to know about the hicky mystery!...from whom could it be?...im having a feeling that it's the coach?*evil evil*...really hope not...anyhow...you are a really good story writer _ more chapters please!
8/3/2003 c15 2Aldura
I can NOT believe it took me so long to read this! This story is so amazing... I demand more now. NOW! =o) Seriously though, I'm completely drooling here. Please write more soon!

Aldura, who will be anxiously waiting at the edge of her seat for you to update.
7/22/2003 c15 18elephant-chimes
Aw...I could cry if I wasn't such a cold-hearted bitch...Anyway great story. I love the way you write; it's just so honest and smooth, nothing at all like how I write. I'm really into this story, because the relationship isn't just *there* after they've known each other for all of two minutes. You're good at making them wait until they get to be a couple, something that I am not good at, at all. Very good, and I *do* hope you continue.

7/19/2003 c15 Cannibalistic Smurf
I realize that I haven't reviewed for the other chapters, but this is a great story, and I hope that you make the next chappy soon!
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