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for Space Shuttle: A Sonnet Sequence

7/26/2012 c7 3Bucken-Berry
5/15/2002 c7 quotient
All right, I'll be honest with you. My original plan was to find one of your works

and see if I could in anyway be as arrogant to you about it as you were to me

about my own story -Reflections-. Unfortunately you happen to have talent.

A good amount of it too. So instead of insult I give you praise! Good luck

on all your future poems and stories, because, if they are all like this one...
4/26/2002 c1 294Newkirk's Heroes
These are so incredibly wonderful! I liked "Enterprise" and "Endeavor" best...wow, these are just amazing...I'm always combing this site, looking for poems that are not your standard teenage angst fare...thankfully I found yours! I'm so jealous, you're so talented (and I don't mean to sound corny about it either...) Great!

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