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for A Tale of Two Girls With a Pair of Pointy Objects

2/1/2003 c3 9Maury Hime
Meehehehe. I love the humor you interact into this story! it's so cool! I must read more!
1/5/2003 c2 Maury Hime
Hehehe, pointy objects and magic! I love this story! Though I've read to little...I'll have to catch up to it later. I have school tomorrow...::gags:: Demon it is. ::bounces off to the land of happy things:: I shall return!
1/5/2003 c1 HersheyDogg not signed in
Meeheheheh. I like this story. It shall be my friend. (Yes yes I am weird leave me alone) Hehehehehe. Most most excellent. ::bounces off to next chapter::
5/1/2002 c1 Guest
hmmm... this is pretty good, i mean reading ur drama and comparing that to this.. well thats different, but for ur first fic, its pretyt good
4/28/2002 c2 1Saturn Angels
Vale: Ai, it's good! I have to read the rest later though because I have to go!

Vince: Yea, I already read the 10 chapter, tis good! But the other idiots (co-authors) haven't so, yea. ut I like it lots! Would you mind reading ours? Pleeeeaassse?

Thor: Ditto. Lol, It's funny so far, I like it.

Fantasy Girl: *claps* yay! I luv this story! more! oh wait... haven't even finished what's here...ahaha, never mind!

Tomoe: wow...lmao, it's good! It's funny, and very cool. lol, I want more!

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