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for Betsy

3/6/2005 c1 blue september rain
i dont know if you know.. or if it's just my computer, but this is what the last line that shows up on this story says, “Hey everyone, what’s up?†*shrug* I don't know what's going on.. but yeah.. I really wanna read this story.. so like.. i dont know.. :-D you should see if it looks like that on your computer.
7/21/2002 c1 Brandon Manning
Cute, very cute. Don't know what else to say about it. Seems more like a part of a larger book than a short story itself, but otherwise it's pretty good.
5/2/2002 c1 4Recycled Avatar
I think that this is a good story, but it is hard for me to relate to as I have never been in theater. It might be a little better if you tried letting Sara go through several possible courses of action before the prank is revealed. A good scene, I think.

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