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12/16/2006 c2 2Our Heartfelt Lies
Okay, this is so funny: when I was little and I watched The Little Mermaid for the first time, I cried through like half the movie. I mean, when she lost her legs, it was so sad! And everyone in my family has always made fun of me about that (mostly because I still cry during sad movies all the time; My boyfriend won't watch King Kong with me ever again because I literally cried through the entire second half of it).

Yeah, I'm very emotional. So it's so funny that you had this character cry through Little Mermaid. Did that actually happen to you?
12/14/2006 c11 1absoluteromantic

12/4/2006 c30 rock or pebble
hee hee ... It seems like the focus of the story was more on clem and evan but its realli nice
7/8/2005 c30 Shaina
Oh my. I REALLY did enjoy this story! but there was like 12 chapters screwed up.. with barely any writing... so i didnt get to find out who Karl was :( anyways im like crying right now lol. amazing job.
5/30/2005 c1 garth
please hurry up and get the format fixed on too soon! this was like my favorite story ever and i wanted to show my friend who hasn't read it yet! pleaase hurry up and fix it!
1/23/2005 c15 18LeenaAmara
The beginning of this story was great and it got me hooked, Im not one to say bad things about other peoples writin gbut after that is sucked, you did a single paragraph, IF THAT of random parts of the story! Then you go one writing like you wrote it all out, it's too confusing I couldnt tell what's going on, if you just go back and fix what you slacked of on this would be one of the better writing peices.-sorry is that sounded harsh-
1/21/2005 c11 natalie-b
hey... i was just about to read your story, but i noticed that some chapters are not complete... could you fix that please? or maybe send me the complete story by e-mail () i'd appreciate it... thanks...
5/10/2003 c30 Bottledinsideme
I like the ending...knew it was going to happen but i enjoyed reading it...sad that Evan won't keep in touch but memories still live...at least in our minds anyways...i feel like a philosophe now...talking like this...but TERRIFIC STORY...it really evolved from the beginning to the end...
5/10/2003 c29 Bottledinsideme
This was sweet. I'm glad Evan gave her another chance. They both deserved it...at least for memories sake's. Adam always get into trouble...u're not going to make the ending sad r u?
5/10/2003 c28 Bottledinsideme
I think this was one of the best chapters in the story. I think its sad to think Evan wouldn't want to be friends...that's why ending relationships suck...now he goes out with Kicey? the girl whom he hated before? It just goes to show how much ppl can change...
5/10/2003 c26 Bottledinsideme
Oh god...i'm been reading since 12 something and its probably 3 am now...i'm so sad for Evan...i know he loves Clementine but when u love someone, u should want them to be happy and in this case...he needs to let her go...both of them...i don't believe he should have said all those mean things to her but he was probably very angry and hurt...i wouldn't blame him though...
5/10/2003 c22 Bottledinsideme
He was there...wasn't that great...he should come back...ahh,i don't think Evan should be doubting Clementine's feelings for him...not fair...everyone has the right to love someone...even if they can't have that person...
5/10/2003 c21 Bottledinsideme
I know the person who kept calling but hanging up was Adam. He's still alive! Hooray!
5/9/2003 c16 Bottledinsideme
Don't you hate it when ppl lie about how they really feel for someone? I get so pissed at that...ppl can say they will miss u and crap BUT THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW U...its so retarded...
5/9/2003 c15 Bottledinsideme
Adam can't possibly die...sad i tell u...i'm kinda fond of his character...to love someone when they can't love u back...i love the comparison between Adam and unicorns...that is my favorite part so far...
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