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for The Ghetto Farm House Story Time Special

4/21/2003 c1 14quadellic
hm...imaginative, and funny! on a darker side, do you know where ghettos originated? I am sorry, but It bugs me when people don't even know what ghettos were and they use the term so loosely. They were camps that the german Nazis held the jews in before dispersing them to the concentration camps(death camps). At these certain Ghettos, thousands of people died from hunger, diseases that ran rampant, murder, and being crushed to death or stomped. They would fit a couple hundred thousand people in a camp the size of a few city blocks. *Shivers* There was literally No Room. So anyway, the next time you find yourself useing the term "Ghetto" remember where it came from and ask yourself..."is it really a ghetto? am I honoring the people tht died there by cheapening the expression?" Sorry to ruin this review, just thought you might like to know...

2/18/2003 c1 D-dawg
yo dawg! that story was tight as a muthafucka man! Yo man, I like the phat words you used. Man you must be straight outta Compton. Man dawg, i gotta go now cuz i gotta go grub right now cuz my mommy, uh I mean, my hoe is bitchin at me. but i'll be readin some more of yo fly ass stories man! peace.

Actually I have a confession to make. I am a white man. I attend college at the University of Arizona. I major in english. i live with 2 other guys and all we do is play magic in our free time and pretend to be ghetto outside of our dorm. Yep i'm just about as white as Michael Jackson (after surgery). Although i pretend to be black to fit in, i really have no "hoes" and I also have no "game". I cannot play basketball worth a damn.

So i am sorry for living this lie to you all and i hope you can forgive me for being a wigger. Thank You and live long and prosper.
5/1/2002 c1 shiggy
I can't believe it! Finallly a story I can relate to. Give this guy tons of money and print his story yo.

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