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8/7/2002 c1 2Chibi Sith
*drops jaw* Wow. I had to reread this to get the real impression. I still hate piano *laughs* but now I get it. Kinda like while I'm without my computer and without paper I start failing to think because I have to write. You know me, though. I'm a fanatic.

-Bluebabe4001. You know who I am. *laughs again* I reviewed it twice!
7/23/2002 c1 2TheEvilDooer
I am a complete opposite of you.. -.- I've been playing piano since I was 6, and everyone always says that I'll love it later, but I just don't like it. It's so great that you can do something you love... Even if it is just for 15 minutes. Wish I was like you with piano, maybe then my mom would be happy. Great poem by the way. It flows really nicely!
5/29/2002 c1 4DigimonDragonLady
Ack. How could you WANT to practice pianno? ^.~ And how could you write a poem about it? I spent most of my time avoiding my keyboard...^^;; lol. But, it's a good thing that you want to keep up your skillz. lol. ^_^;;
5/3/2002 c1 4Martian Aries
Is this because your mom didn't let you practice last night? Lol. It was good, though.

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