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for I Stand Here Alone

4/29/2001 c1 68LunarBard
thats kinda sad, but i love the metaphors; ie- like a feather in the wind.
4/20/2001 c1 2LordPersia
Excellent poem. I would like to know what inspired it. Excellent.
1/23/2001 c1 cougar gaoth
beautiful. this really portrays the essence of the feeling that you're trying to get here. It has an affect to my personal life (shhh). one of the best poems i've read.
1/7/2001 c1 1Tualha
Pain...and angst...does any of this have a basis in real life? Anyway, a good poem.
11/6/2000 c1 12Jennifer Ever Zero
That was beautiful...It got a sad sigh and an even sadder memory out of me. As always, a masterpiece.
9/28/2000 c1 5London Clockwork
::sniffle:: Gee, that's sad. But it's good!
9/20/2000 c1 Mariposa Farfalla Borboleta Papillon Basisrecheneinheit
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Nina!
9/17/2000 c1 7Sandiya
*sigh* Wow, wonderful poem...it had a lot of feeling in it. I can't personally understand what she's going through, because I haven't been there (maybe yet ^_^;) but I love how you did it. I'm going to go read some of your others... Please read/review one of mine ^^
9/17/2000 c1 Salista M'Durran
I love it! Youve inspired me to put up my own poetry/songs. None of them are as pretty as yours, though! PLEASE, WRITE MORE!
9/17/2000 c1 8Julie Weasley
9/17/2000 c1 Aurora Potter
OMG! That is soooooooo sweet! See the tear? I mean it! It's beautiful! Write more!
9/17/2000 c1 Meagan
*sniff* Gosh, you're good at this ...

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