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for I Recognize This Feeling

5/14/2001 c1 FireBolt9000
This is really FireBlot9000! I love there leryx! Write MORE!
1/25/2001 c1 Bumblebee3
1/7/2001 c1 1Tualha
Peachy. If you find a good fic for it, go ahead. The ending's a little...no, I've been hanging around Emily for far too long, don't mind me.
12/10/2000 c1 8Amethyst LaReine
ooh that is good! ya i think u should use it 4 a songfic, maybe something HP-related. ^_*
11/6/2000 c1 12Jennifer Ever Zero
Nina, tell me if I'm right, but this sounds almost hopeless. Maybe it's just a parallel to my life (and a hopeless situation), but it sounds like you know that it's destined to be unlucky or sad in some way. It sounds like you're fighting the feeling. This one really affected me, maybe because of that unsure tone you used...can't wait for more, as always!
10/26/2000 c1 3ScoobyMooBlues4183
it's alright
9/28/2000 c1 5London Clockwork
I like it! Oh yes, I like it! Do put it into a songfic! Do!
9/20/2000 c1 1Luckfire
Not bad, kid. It flows, and I can imagine the tune (though I'm probably wrong; it sounds like "Do You Believe In Life After Love").
9/20/2000 c1 Mariposa Farfalla Borboleta Papillon Basisrecheneinheit
Yay, I wish I could listen to this!
9/17/2000 c1 8Julie Weasley
why are you so damn good at this? I envy your writing talent! ::sniffs::
9/17/2000 c1 Meagan

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