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for Outside Castle

4/4/2004 c1 8Amber Hill
hehe... it's me again.. er... the story needs a little fleshing out but maybe that's just me cus i ... like long fics. but as far as short ones are concerned this is brill! keep up the good work, gal.. maybe this could be lengthened into a long one (okay leave me alone i'm still thinking of long fics)
5/17/2002 c1 22Gevo
sad... but well written. luv it.
5/7/2002 c1 9plasticstan
so sad...I like it though...i'm guessing from the title you're an h.o.t. fan? ~mai
5/4/2002 c1 18Rollins
Short, but sweet (or rather, tragic?). You conveyed the emotions well in such a short amount of writing. Good job.
5/4/2002 c1 10Wan
aww... i love this!

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