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4/23/2014 c3 Wimpikid333
Where is the continuation?
5/7/2009 c1 Indicates
I understand this might've been a neat concept, but it's a bit cluttered and a little limited. Perhaps if there were a bit more descriptions, or even choices? Still, it's a nice story for its time.
5/27/2006 c3 Peanut
I like it a lot! you have to continue!
2/27/2005 c3 1Shuyan
Lol. You just gotta' finish this! I want to know what happens! Hey, if by any chance you have any spare time will you check out my story sword of the rightful hand?
8/3/2004 c1 Alex
That was cool! please write more!
12/23/2003 c3 2Delta Writer
This was great! Continue! You have a lot of choices here. That's good. But you don't have much written. Keep Writting!
PS Please read and review one of my two stories.
10/31/2003 c3 orangefreak33
The parts should be longer. And it needs to be FINISHED!
10/21/2003 c3 capture
"You stab the person with a screw driver", god that made me laugh! i dont know y, it doesnt seem do funny anymore.

5/21/2003 c3 53Artemis Astralstar
i cant find part nine!

what am i going to do?
5/18/2003 c3 2battraven
Well, it's got potential. One thing - FINISH! It's great so far, but these things need to be a little longer, and complete, for it to work.
5/17/2003 c3 3coolhead15
Ah.. continue I wanna know what happens when I stab the person with a screwdriver!
1/19/2003 c3 dino
it's going on pretty nicely. I don't think I can really give this a review.
12/24/2002 c2 37Animagess
Sigh... Another unfinished fic. Great idea, but then off the cliff I go. Gag me with a spoon.
5/31/2002 c3 9Ice Wolf17
Awesome! It's progressing along nicely, so hurry up with the next parts soon! Go gir-I mean, go Soviet! Keep on writing!
5/4/2002 c2 Ice Wolf17
Awesome! Hurry with the next parts soon! Keep on writing!

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