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7/10/2002 c7 1Umi
Waaah...life through the eyes of Mel! I wanted to read more ^^;; It was really interesting, only it was giving me a major guilt-attack...
5/22/2002 c7 Dwaraea
This chappie and the first are my favorites. "Baby spirits"! I like that! Blessed Be! :)
5/16/2002 c6 Dwaraea
A bit confusing, but amusing too. :)
5/16/2002 c6 1PrettyInPink
this is exactly like my life...creepy...
5/15/2002 c2 25Karmatic Sunshine
Ive read that book, Am I blue? pretty good. some sad stories though
5/15/2002 c5 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Poor..poor Mel...Can you find no where to curl up and sleep, to escape the mutterings of the twisted and ill-minded? This world is cruel, harsh and full of the demented thoughts of the insane. Do not fear little one... I am no stranger here, I am a wanderer in the world of the damned, you are not alone... Okay that sounded a little TOO depressing lol Nice story Mel...Keep at it! -Max
5/14/2002 c5 1Lady Lylia
I understand. I really understand. I'm a Wiccan, I have several good friends who are gay, etc. Don't worry, everything will be fine! I know, I'm an optomist, but things do have a way of working out. Good luck! :)
5/12/2002 c3 13Dwaraea
You are an inspiration. I am showing one of my gay friends all of your stories tomorrow, I swear it! :)
5/11/2002 c3 3Molten Saffire
5/9/2002 c1 16Aral
perhaps PG wasn't the correct rating for this story. beyond that there were a few parts i was confused about. the line about tuberculosis and the death of your brother was utterly confusing. I re-read it four times before deciding to skip it. I like the parallel structure. This piece has heart. keep up the good work.
5/8/2002 c1 13The Shellback
Wow, my entire outlook on life summed up in under 1000 words... how do you do it?
5/8/2002 c1 3Molten Saffire

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