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for Night

4/27/2003 c1 36obsidian katana
wow...awesome poem! i really like this a lot! you're a great writer! anyway, this is very well written, nicely described. i know how you feel. good job on this! keep up the great work!
10/14/2002 c1 5The Crazy Cricket
This reminds me of my tiny story about night time...I totally follow you! Keep writing!
10/7/2002 c1 1Keriana Williams
ADD MORE TO THIS POEM! @_@ Sounds exactly how I felt a long time ago (Parents getting divoced, moving across the country, freaked outta my mind...) Lol...Yea...Good poem.
9/19/2002 c1 Rose Dark Thorn
I really think you should add more to giv more description about this person's fears and how she/he is feeling right now. That would make it ten times better. I like it anyway though.
8/21/2002 c1 28Shadowgirl
I like this view of the night. I have a different view, but in the end the night comes anyway. Even though the poem is a bit short I really like it!
5/21/2002 c1 17Jade6
I think this has a lot of potential and I think you should expand upon it and work on some of the more concrete fears associated with the dark... I think your line *And so I face my darkest fears...* could be used as build up for something more...

anyway, that is just what I think! Great little poem whether you add more or leave it as it is... =)
5/8/2002 c1 40TK Styles
A short poem, but with these few words it gets its point across wonderfully. Keep up the good work :). I await your next work. Oh and I added two new poems read and review them, please. Peace.
5/8/2002 c1 12Daredee
We have conflicting opinions about soemthings.

i love the night but the poem is really good.

(Reminds me of the my finer works *jokes*)

Actually, it conveys feeling really well.

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