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4/10/2006 c1 Alana
Oh my god! I think I just died laughing (I love you)
7/29/2005 c1 9JoselleFD
NO!GINGER!lol, good work!^^-
6/7/2004 c1 7T. Finky
That is the most deep and philosohical thing I have read in my entire life to date.
Bravo, my friend, bravo. *bows*
5/7/2004 c1 6BakaChibiGaki
LoL! You should be a professional!
1/24/2004 c1 3hamsta-boi
hehehe! How randomally excellent
1/22/2004 c1 55tranCendenZ
lol i find it funny that people are trying to find the deeper meaning of this poem when there really isn't one..you are a great poet because you are puzzling people over something that took you 30 seconds to write...i love that..keep on rockin
12/21/2003 c1 Bamboti
can whales eat cats. i thought they only eat.. whats it called? kryl or krylt?
PS funny poem
7/26/2003 c1 36MoonLitDemon
You truly are a great poet! I am truly sorry for your loss.


6/4/2003 c1 8Moril
Very... interesting and funny...
5/11/2003 c1 silma
wow! what talent!
4/30/2003 c1 3heavilymedicated
Hm...Yes...I see your deeper meaning...It was a beautiful poem, it touched me as well *tear tear*

LoL. I liked this. Your author not at the beginning was a very nice touch. I'm miserable and sick today, but this just helped to brighten my mood. Thanks!


aka: LadyIsilmir
3/10/2003 c1 Aroha will not sign in so don't ask
Hahahah! This is. a master-piece of poetry. I see lal the themes you mentioned. except the evils of Communism one. Unless the whale was a reincarnated form of Mao. Hm.

Love it! May I quote you?
1/5/2003 c1 Aragorn-is-the-coolest
*clap clap clap* hahaha very original eh...I love it muahahahahah
12/8/2002 c1 12chunkypeanutbutter
this is touching and amazing. i ish i could write with such thought and meaning like you. it is so amazing, you laught at the cats tail and cry when she was eaten. this was breath taking
8/12/2002 c1 Da2187Luke
marvelous! it captures the complexity of our emotions while still staying simple
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