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3/15/2009 c1 asdgrgahr
haha so i know this is not what you meant but i thought i'd share because the second time i read this, moon and red in my head made me think period because you know months, dictated by moon, red, well you know. so that then made me think biblical, taken out of eden, adam and eve both punished know she got pains at childbirth think also period was in there... and then blue rose is mysterious, impossible. so... this idea of having a reminder of fall from eden, with the two people kissing, signifying their love, opens up the idea of perhaps re-finding some form of eden through love or whatever. haha a different interperetation i guess? some puzzles can be solved more then one way :)
6/13/2007 c1 16Santorini
O_O I do not understand. I guess the smart words that can hide my clueless-ness are:

Very thought provoking.
3/31/2007 c1 3Temeraire
I looked at your summary, thought that I wasn't stupid, and clicked. Then I read your poem, and I now feel wonderfully stupid. Joy.

So, I had to squint really hard to see in between the lines. I probably don't have the meaning of the poem yet anyways, but here I go, shooting it at you. Sorry if I'm way off the mark.

A red moon symbolizes war, bloodshed, violence. Any type of conflict basically. Now, I'm assuming that, since this poem is romance-related, this 'conflict' is some sort of family fight and/or disagreement between two people who [used to] love each other. A blue rose symbolizes mystery or the attainment of the impossible. I'll be using the latter meaning.

In a time of conflict between a couple, what's impossible? Love is impossible if two people constantly argue with each other. But the haiku is saying that a gesture of love can change this. A simple kiss may bring back that love of old times. Er...maybe.

I'm probably wrong. Still, very thought-provoking if nothing else. Favorited just for making me think.

1/20/2007 c1 13hicetnunc
man, this took me ages to try and figure out, not sure if i‘ve even figured it out properly yet..can only guess...i guess i am stupid
11/21/2006 c1 3Da Vinci at Work
Purrty poem. :D
6/16/2006 c1 2SinCorazon
Where was I reading that a real blue rose is impossible to find? And the moon will turn red when the apocalypse, supposedly.

Amazing, this really is.
5/15/2006 c1 14O.r.i.g.i.n.a.l.isn't.My.style
Ok, I'll kiss you.But just a peck on the cheekBring the rose to me


*Bows*Audience: O.o -no clap- *cough*

^^;; Yea, lol^^. (Not supposed to be a funny -haha- poem, but couldn't help it^^)...

Anyway, good poem. *Not as simple as it might seem* In such a short use of words, there is much beauty and depth to it...Depending on how you look at it, the interpretations can vary... Usually- mythological wise- when the moon turns red, it represents war, violence, or bloodshed. (You know, like if the ocean is red, it symbolizes blood? -something similar to that)...However, in a "romance" poem, the "moon turns red" can mean a lot of things. Red, generally, is a bright yet "deep" color. It could mean love and passion. It could mean rage and anger. Or like the red moon stands out in the dark sky...A blue rose- A rose is mostly known as a flower, relating to some kind of love. Blue rose could mean it's a "rare" rose. Or blue, also sad could mean a "solemn rose"...Actually blue can mean a lot of things too...(. Colors are hard to understand, there's more than to it)

Ok, by merging my thoughts into one, my theories are...When love goes wrong, or some kind of trouble occurrs, kiss me as a peaceoffering, and I'll return the favor (that's the kid version^^ of my long explanation)...Gah, wait...no, I'm confusing myself. Hm, maybe everything I'm saying is all in my mind. Maybe this haiku is just so simple and obvious...^^ Good job, excellent poem. Bravo!^^

(So if you found my review "pointless" and idiotic- heh, sorry. Still a child, lots to learn)
5/3/2006 c1 593Morwain
thats pretty I like
5/2/2006 c1 Safira
This is a rather cryptic haiku, which is certainly open to interpretation from the amount of reviews received thus far. Taking a guess (and I'm sure I'm way off the mark), I think it is either about the metamorphosis of a romance or the improbability of it. One thing that is clear, however, is the stunning dark beauty in this piece.

Cheers - Autumn.
4/30/2006 c1 65Aquafied
backwards, i like the taste of this

(and on the review battle goes

on guard!)
4/29/2006 c1 18Magenta-flower
only 3 lines and i still am trying to figure out what it means, is it just ironic that the moon never turns red, and therefore there are no blue roses? please tell me what it means! lol anyway in responce to your review about merpeople, i do infact think there real, but to a certain extent
8/20/2005 c1 wilted.sour
Unwillingness to love or the inability of not being able to..or..gah there could be millions of different interpretations...


I've never been a fan of Haikus but this is an exception.

Whatever it meant or means to you I dont know...but thanks for posting.

4/13/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
Such a beautiful haiku, and so romantic. But I have this feeling that it is tragic, though it may just be me. the word choice is vivid and brings forth many emotions, though its short it still holds emotion. I love it.

!~* Noelle *~!
4/11/2005 c1 22Loup17
love it, deep, and the switch's meaning...well, i have my interpretation, and maybe it's what you meant (truely, i think it is) but whatever, no one can know my thoughts

6/20/2004 c1 9sheza
This is, without a doubt, THE most beautiful piece of poetry I have ever come across this side of the net!did you perhaps mean that *you* are so in love with this person that one kiss would make you able to find the rarest things? because blue roses are supposed to be very rare... but then again, i may be wrong...you could have probably just changed the two para-phrases* the blue moon* and *red rose* around to show that everything, small and beautiful, goes upside down? very intruiging...i love this poem!
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