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3/25/2014 c23 Nbsiren
many tears and a smile at the end :)
3/4/2012 c23 RayneGenesis
Wow, what a great story. You are such a strong writer!
1/21/2012 c17 Bloop Bloop
Ohmygod sweetheart i cried at this chapter (chap 17) it's so fidogfhdsoghsoh i literally sat on my bed with tears pouring you're an amazing writer. 33333 i ship Eadande :'D
5/23/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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10/20/2009 c23 pinkyWink
This was one of the most exciting stories I've ever read. Your descriptions of the characters physical sensations and visions were out of this world. I loved that Eadoin and Idande were reunited in the end, because their love for each other did seem real and long lasting I loved all the characters, but surprisingly my favorite was the evil demon Zayn. I'm thrilled to read that you will be continuing the saga with Zayn trying to find his way in this world. I truly enjoyed your story and will want to reread it in the future. Thank you for sharing your great imagination with everyone, and please keep writing cause maybe you'll turn your book to a script and then maybe a movie. I'd buy it.
3/20/2008 c23 4efphrim
Oh My God... That was beautiful. I loved it. And the funny thing is I started reading Fallen a couple of days ago, and I didn't realize it was the sequel to this. Thanks so much for writing it!
11/11/2007 c23 Lunarica
Oh~ that was so heartwrenching beautiful I admit I cried quiet a bit trough the story *blush* but I love your writing and I'm going to read another storie from you!
10/6/2007 c23 Kaneel
just finished the entire thing and it was beautiful, just beautiful.

I felt so sorry for Zayn in the end, cause he hurt so much and there was no hope at all for his love to be answerded.

In fact I felt torn the entire time while I was reading. You combined pain and love to an aching and bittersweet story that makes your insides churn while you're reading it, and still I was unable to stop.
9/23/2007 c23 3purple sea
nice story.
4/14/2007 c23 2luna-aureus-black
Darn you, Edana! (Okay, that was rude, but then...)

Your story was really beautiful, it had me up here in a pile of tears (er... Tissue, rather. Consumed a Kleenex tissue box already, sitting here for three hours.) There are very few writers who end their stories well when they have good beginnings, or start their stories well when they have sucky beginnings, and you're an author who balances this aspect-a great beginning and a great ending. Good job; I commend you!

Also, your characters have very good characterizations, and as such, their experiences were very humane (if 'human' is not the term to use). Despite the fact that they were supernatural, their actions, feelings, their thoughts-it's believable. I think that people exist like those characters you use. I also like how the characters just fit in, tie-in with the plot's story itself.

The wording is excellent. There were very few (if no) grammatical and spelling errors, as well as the fact that the conversations were not just words in quotations, but rather, real-live words... Flowery, beautiful words... And really, the flow it uses in a story? Incredible.

Your use of emotion here was great. I was impressed by the way that the characters experienced these-love, hate, desparation, pain, sadness... And it makes that person feel what the character is feeling for the story.

The use of the names in relation to the story was very creative, too. I liked that. It was also creative, the way that the quote from this particular vision was used in the real event, so as to reference (even if that was not your intention?)

Overall, I would say to you that you have this beautifully-written work archived here in FP, and I suppose that you deserve more credit. This story is beautiful, and whether it was a work of your imagination, or based from real-life experience, it was portrayed well. The fact about the angels and the demons existing was pretty cool, too. It moved me, inspired me to take my writing to a whole new level, and this became some sort of a guide for a n00b in writing such as myself (but I promise I won't steal!). This is a well-balanced story with all the elements mixed in there, and you know what? I won't be sick and tired of reading this-and your other stories-over and over again, and I won't be afraid to spread this. Why? Because despite its slashy-ish theme, this story deserves to be told.

With that said, thank you so much for making a story worth my time, and keep writing (since I see that this was dated all the way back to 2003!).

3/10/2007 c23 1Raomina
Love this story. Beautifully written. There was a confusing part somewhere but I can't remember where now. It's something that the readers don't know but you and Eadoin both do, so I got kinda lost reading that bit. Anyway, I'm gonna read the sequel now, hopefully it will be as romantic as this one! Zayn deserves his own love story.
7/26/2006 c1 zoule
P.S. It's me again. I just wanted to say, you should have everything you've ever written published. Really.
7/26/2006 c23 zoule
This was stunning. Your story is so well written. The details, character developement, langauage -everything was pretty much perfect. I can't tell you how great it is to read something not littered with typos or horrific grammar.

I loved how you began each chapter and your descriptions were so lyrical. I almost cried reading this (actually I kinda did). It's cool how everyone's name had some deeper meaning.

There's a story on fictionpress by inkslinger (I think that's the author). It's called Rise of the Dawn and there's great fanart with it. I think you'll like it so if you haven't read it already, give it a try :)
3/19/2006 c23 Green Eyed Pixie
aw it was so sweet! This story was written so beautifully. It real was an amazing story. And i totally cried on the last couple of chapters ;_; Anywho seriously this was a great story =DAnd im so happy that your doing another one in the series. -goes to read it- \m/.
2/19/2006 c23 destinywriters
Oh wow...I was a crying so hard during the last few chapters. It was written so beautifully ;_; I honestly have to say that this is probably the best angel/demon story I've ever read. I loved how Idande came back in the end, I'd probably still be crying if he didn't.I still can't pronounce their names properly though...blah..=P
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