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5/14/2002 c1 Steph
It's somewhat abstract, but to a good point. I like how it expresses 'silent words'... good effect. :) very nice!
5/12/2002 c1 1LisaLee
Okay, I like it. Have no clue what it's about or what the underlying message is but I like it. I have to agree with Ricky here. The first and only response was Lisa's, "Okay, woah, what the . . . I'm confused!" Lee threw her hands in the air as the rest just laughed.

~Lee, Betty, and newly Stasia~
5/11/2002 c1 Ricky
You're right. I'm lost... Wait aren't I always? lol I'm hoping I shouldn't be well aware of whatever this is, cuz then I'd just feel dumb.. But if I should be, just pat me on the shoulder, say "there there" and and move on. Who ever heard of me being un-confused, aware of my surroundings? lol ok wow, too much ramble. Nice poetry by the way... I always seem to forget to comment on the writing. I get carried away lol.

5/10/2002 c1 79CrimsonCat
*Awed silence*

This is one of those poems that you read, and wish you had written it first. I really love this one Steph. It's going on my favorite story list, and I'm going to bed. Keep it up, little dream weaver. And know that we love you.

Dai stiho


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