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for Visit to a shrink

6/12/2003 c1 139Gauy
LOL! This was funny.

See I told you I'd review after... but I forgot yesterday, so I did it today. Hehe.
6/4/2003 c1 100broken wings241
Hmm, I wonder how many times I've reviewed this? (Its still funny)
10/14/2002 c1 5The Crazy Cricket
VERY odd...I can't really say anything else about it. No comment.
7/23/2002 c1 2Della C
one word: hilarious.
5/19/2002 c1 12Daredee
ah ha ha...I crack myself up.

Of course this was written by u, but u know what i mean.

hey my parents are threatening to send me to a shrink (again)...let the laughs begin...

oh and i thought of something else...start talking to people pictred in magazines and the like.
5/15/2002 c1 9Arbobug2

That was funny, if I ever have to go to a shrink I just might try that...lol. ( or the school counslor.) lol.

5/12/2002 c1 Allary
i wish i had the guts to do something like that at one of my appointments lol very funny indeed

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