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for Weakness

9/7/2002 c1 52Munku-JGSPTV
All your stuff is really deep and has all this emotion in it. I can really relate to this...
7/18/2002 c1 51Miriku
I know the feeling personally right now. Yer a good poet, keep it up
6/12/2002 c1 34Aidlyn
Wow, the emotions really show in this one, and it's so expressive of your fears deep down. This is really good, and it is going to go on my favorites list!
6/8/2002 c1 lalalalalala1
I like! I know where the feelings of having someone and afraid of losing them are coming from!
6/5/2002 c1 45OzFox12
Amazing how love can change one's opinion of the world at large. Oh well, It's 3am. Better get some sleep. Keep writing!

~Peace Out~
5/14/2002 c1 159Heather Goldbug
Ooh, that's good! I feel the same way about some people. It's just fabulous! It is worded lovely. It's just good, in general! Mmmm...I like...
5/12/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Wow, Very... er.. can't find the word for it, but its postive!

Great Job, Melikes it lotz ^_^
5/11/2002 c1 20Fairyofdoomls
nice, that was really good!

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