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7/28/2003 c5 8Sanderek
Oh, for anyone who is a fan of this story, I'm the guy that is writing the four book prequel to this one. And its not critics Im worried about... its the copywrite thing. I don't want my ideas to be taken. Therefore, I'm keeping them a secret! I'm going to get the first book published... so if anyone is interested, than thats how you can read it.
7/28/2003 c2 Sanderek
Chapter 2 was cool, Ecca. I'll remember the mirror for my series. It won't be a big thing.. maybe a gift or something.
7/28/2003 c1 Sanderek
Hey Ecca, i liked your first chapter. ... we gotta talk about our stories more though. Anyway, I don't feel like posting mine on the site, cause I don't feel very safe. Oh well, I'm going to read more.
9/17/2002 c4 24psychochick3
Interesting concept you have going here. As a human she didn't remember any of her life as an elf, but as soon as she reentered she began to remember? Did I get that right?

There's just something about elves that inspires one to write about them. I think you have captured the spirit that pervades most mythologies. Good job.
9/15/2002 c4 17arieda
cool. this story just keeps getting better. but i'm having some computer problems so i didn't get to read a few parts of chapter 4. i saw most of it though. i'll check back later when my computer acctually works. i must read chapter 5. please post chapter 5!

9/7/2002 c1 5Empty Inside
All right what i have to say is that after the first three lines i liked and it just got better and better and better and that i was told about you by Galea who gave me my first review
8/27/2002 c4 Galea
This is probably one of my favourite chapters. But I said I was going to help you, so here it is. PLEASE FIX THE FORMAT! It is so very hard to read one whole humongous paragraph! At the beginning, you used the word 'she' and awful lot so you might want to fix that.

When they came out of the feast, I was a little confused as to why Elle freaked out at Kala, you really did not explain that enough, Elle just sorta got angry all of a sudden.

The next part I have to say is important, so do read carefully. The scene where Elle gets shot with an arrow. You really need to work on putting in more description. The best thing you described were the dresses, and man they were cool, Elle sounds familiar...jkjk. You need description to set the mood and that will make the arrow scene far more...dramatic.

Now, get the next chapter typed a.s.a.p.

7/30/2002 c3 17arieda
great! even from the first sentance in the first chapter, i could tell this would be an exelent story. keep writing :)
7/13/2002 c3 Sailor Star Dreamer
I love this story. Luv it! You had better get some chapters that I have not read up and soooon!
6/7/2002 c3 1Laralanthalasa
Ooooooh, very neat!
6/2/2002 c2 Laralanthalasa
Hmmmmmm, interesting.
5/23/2002 c1 Laralanthalasa
*sips lemonade* Hmmm, interesting...
5/11/2002 c1 3Elbereth94
Hello, I just want to say that I think this beginning is a real cliffhanger, update really soon!

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