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for in the still of the night

7/23/2003 c1 imajine182
hey...i really like this poem...u address something that's very real...i love ur language..u use the word "fierce" two lines in a row...if u'r going for the repitition, that's good...but of course that depends on ur style cuz for my own poetry i try to avoid using the same word except w/ distinct structural repitition..i might also take out the first and be for "he has never felt such fierce love" it might flow a little better but like i said it's all up to u! love ur poetry and never ever stop writing!
2/27/2003 c1 2cinder's rose
That's beautiful! I love it- you've made a relationship into something fastasy-ish. You are truly gifted with words.
5/18/2002 c1 mikae77 too lazy to sign in

i'll tell my brother to read this. It's very sweet and well-written


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