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for Writer's Block

10/2/2002 c1 trevenrawr
wow... now writers block has an entirely new meaning... the way you write most of your poems in first person is really cool... I like it! ^_^
7/20/2002 c1 10StormyWolfBowler
I guess you had writers block for the last line of this fic... Interesting ending. I'm sorry to say that I am suffering from writers block at the moment... HAVE MERCY!
6/8/2002 c1 29Rob
Creative idea. Good to see something not so typical. I can get so bored of typical poetry...Writer's block isn't really anything..there's so many stories out there...just ask around for ideas. I have more than I can write.
5/22/2002 c1 114Cunning Coyote
wow... I wish I'd written this. Writers block sucks dosen't it?
5/19/2002 c1 3Tyke The Wing-ed
I dunno Star, I am sorry but not one of your best. But that is just me. Still good I guess.
5/18/2002 c1 TortallLioness

kinda funny

once again, i luv ur descriptiveness!
5/14/2002 c1 4Echos of Silence
Okay... I am being held at gunpoint, being told to explain. The review by Star, was in fact not star, but me. She had signed in on my comp and I didn't notice... Yadda Yadda. So yeah. I think "ITS SO TRUE" not the author of the fic. That enough of an explaination, dearheart?

5/13/2002 c1 Litzy
Spiffy! Nice job star... I wanna read some fo your stories... *pouts* I read like three lines of one on echos comp. before she attacked me and closed it. you should post all your stories!
5/13/2002 c1 32The one and only STAR
5/13/2002 c1 22Gevo
this is good
5/12/2002 c1 9Spookie
That's awesome! I love how you put those great lines at the end.

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