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for A Sword and Some Bright Green Leather

5/21/2002 c4 Ms Urania
Love it so far. Please update. Hmmm...constructive criticism might be that Joel needs to be fleshed out a bit more as a character. Otherwise, next chapter please.
5/19/2002 c4 9Spookie
constructive criticism... constructive criticism... all I can say is just make sure you read before you post, some parts are a bit confusing wording-wise, or you were typing real fast and skipped some words. Other that that, awesome! Great character.
5/16/2002 c4 32The one and only STAR
I have no critizm! You're better than me ;-). *hugs*
5/15/2002 c3 The one and only STAR
Love it babe. You're so cool.
5/14/2002 c3 9Spookie
5/13/2002 c2 32The one and only STAR
Love it, as usual. Now I had NOT read this part before, so was quite thrilled to see that you'd updated. Very nice ^_^. *hugs Echo* More?
5/12/2002 c2 5Elek Devlin
I'm really enjoying your story so far. It gets me into Robin's mindset and it has just started out wonderfully.

Please keep posting more of this story (other wise the world will be done an injustice), and Robin, quite frankly, kicks serious butt.
5/12/2002 c2 Leende
Great story! More please!
5/12/2002 c1 9Spookie

I like it...

Good Job!
5/12/2002 c1 32The one and only STAR
Hey, you've showed me this story before! No worries, I still love it. More?

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