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for Singing Quiet Songs of Silence

9/28/2004 c1 298Moon-Chaser
You seem to have a gift for reaching the emotion in a poem, even if it is random as you call it, maybe you just have a need to get the emotion around?
11/24/2002 c1 94Glowing Embers
wow. i remember this one too. i can't believe you dedicate these to me (i have a new name now, no longer Cat-Eyed-Gypsy) i mean these are so good...and extremly depressing *grin* i love 'em
10/24/2002 c1 White Demon
u r really good w/ words, but why r they so sad?
8/30/2002 c1 Sailor J-chan
Creepy and moving, like all your poems.
8/28/2002 c1 38Luinthoron
Beautiful... ...
5/29/2002 c1 5Frozenflower
Another depressing one! I thought I was the only one who focused on depressing poetry-odes to love seem to be more popular these days! Well, humor fiction, and depressing poetry-I'm gonna have to AIM you someday DD, we seem to have a lot in common!
5/14/2002 c1 38Pearlescense
very good.. i read your poem about debt to tears.. that one was good too.. since i can relate sadly.. not taht i'm suicidal.. i just cut.. but still.. i have close relations with sharp pointy objects.. so.. yes.. very good angst.. which i need right now.. as inspiration.. heh.. ^_^ keep writing!
5/13/2002 c1 64not sure yet
i love this one, very dark and ugh, and silence is awesome so write as much as you want to of it, and GAH! rhyming, just for being so good and being able to rhyme, ill read all your work and give you reviews! that always makes me happy! very good poem!
5/13/2002 c1 4Ruth Steinam
very nicely done. not many can rhyme effectively without sounding hokey. despite the gloom, i enjoyed reading this.
5/13/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Wow- I love it! Extremely well written, Excellent Job!

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