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for I Wish

5/26/2002 c1 Rini
excellent poem, it expresses a lot. Great job, and keep writing.
5/25/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
well good poem. if ya want your friends to notice trust me they will in time
5/20/2002 c1 24Vilestar
iiiiiiiinteresting...but good
5/18/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Wow, That is an excellent poem. Really shows deep emotions. Well Done!
5/16/2002 c1 41WalkingOnWater
ohhh yeah, that was good! Very nice! I am so tired now a days, i never get out anymore! I NEVER GET ON THE PUTER! i feel bad for not coming and looking at yer stuff now...*whimpers* sorry! Well, KEEP IT UP!
5/14/2002 c1 1Damien Buck
Hey. Great poem. I'm in mourning at the moment cause the temporarily froze my account so I figured I'd check to see if you had any more poems. And you do! And it's a really good one too. Anyway, when my account is unfrozen I'll have a bunch of poems up so you can check em out. I think that's May 21... So, see ya later!
5/14/2002 c1 18Slayer0
hey i'm back, still alive!

wow that was good...not good at reviews but this was good!

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