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for The Lycanthrope

12/26/2009 c1 Indicates
It's a nice little prologue, although a bit too short. I like the descriptions and I might read further, but werewolf stories aren't really my thing (unless they're parodies). Expect more reviews from me in the future.
8/27/2006 c3 6Vicus Riddle
YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS STORY! I REAPEAT! YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS STORY! En serio, che! Esta muy buena. Es muy atrapante! Repito, escribis muy bien, y si no la continuas hare que te siga una horda de lobos hasta la computadora!
7/15/2003 c2 8Soul-Simplicity
nicely written. very well-written. yupyup. u might like some of my stories such as ' a story, a first' or u may not, but still...plz try to read mine. i think u'll enjoy it. I realli like urs and hope u write more soon!

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