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6/12/2012 c35 RandomFan
OMG please, please finish this story! Pretty please? I'm going insane not knowing what happens! I miss Rune and Mihai!
11/21/2006 c35 Jen
Ok, I can't get your story out of my head! Officially! It kills me to start something good and not be able to finish it. So yeah, if you post more, I'm still here, totally and completely.

My history teacher looks like Rune. Haha, seriously. I think that's part of what I can blame for thinking about the story so much. And, you know, its general awesomeness. But anyway, I'm not crazy about the short hair look on anyone, but my teacher has short black hair and a Rune sort of voice(my mental interpretation of a Rune sort of voice, anyway), so now I can picture her.

But, yeah! The site url changes screwed up my bookmarks, and it just now occured to me to run a search, but I'm still around! And I'll love you forever and ever and ever if you finish this story! (I'm not freakishly obsessed. I'm sure you have a ton of lazy, silent readers thinking exactly the same thing.)
8/29/2006 c35 Jen
Oh my. Wow! How unexpected and great to find a new chapter! You're so cool to update after all this time.

So I don't know if that overall raised or dampened my spirits. Both, I think. Fun to read more, but oh how sad! The dying Rune thing was a wild guess, so I was really surprised.

I'd like to see her come back, but Ronan has to finish her diary so I'm not counting on it. Was he too late, or did she refuse? Did she come back but get killed?

What a cliffhanger! *still blindly hopes for a happy ending*
8/28/2006 c34 Jen
Oh gosh. I have a few ideas:

Cole is WAV05. Poor thing, the guy she wants to save would have to be specifically killed by her.

Thomas will either surprise us all and switch sides or die at the end of a heart-wrenching confrontation.

Rune must DIE! She hasn't gotten the full gist of the prophecy. Hey, it did say *all* witches. And even if her living is optional, I doubt the "I owe you one" bit will keep everyone's fangs out of her. Hm, it'd be fun drama if Ronan has to try to kill her.

Update, please!
8/27/2006 c33 Jen
Immediate thoughts: Hahaha, "Happy Birthday, *STAB!*"

...Ok, so I'm giddy when I'm tired. It's 3AM because I really wanted to reread this story.

So as you can see, doing the whole backtrack-review bit, although it's all out of order. I couldn't find your email, and wasn't feeling creepy enough to stalk you through DA. I would appreciate you emailing me though, so I know you haven't forgotten this story.

Oh, and btw, killing a 9-year-old, how harsh! I'd be far more ticked if I was Liv!
8/26/2006 c34 Jen
OMG NO! It's over!

Gah. I started this story with, "this is old. The author hasn't updated and might never again." But I didn't know how hard that would be to accept! Rune's cool. She reminds me of me...you know, if I was strong and violent and way more depressed.

I'd write so much more, but 1) PSP has a word limit and 2) I zipped through this in two days because I like it so much.

Oh, but I think I'll drop you an email - make sure you're alive, then I'd be happy to backtrack and review in detail.
3/22/2006 c34 FPC Obsessive Reader
Oh, won't you please update! It's been more than a year! I've been banging my head on the wall waiting to see what will happen next! Plz, plz, update soon!
9/4/2005 c34 animegurl23
^_^ I just read the whole story all over again. Took me more than two days...

But anyway,

please update soon.

We are patient! :D
7/11/2005 c10 12Vincentfreak Davofreak
awesome story your right your writing did get better over time
4/26/2005 c34 animegurl23
OH! ^_^ So, you're...alive!^^ Okay, take your time.

Haha :P I was just commenting to see if you had actually, you know, left this story.

But, you are still here and I will wait forever until you update. ^_^ This is an awesome story...

~I'm sorry; I hope you get better! =/ Don't get sick and make sure you take your vitamins! ^0^;;
4/25/2005 c34 animegurl23
:) Just one question that will never be answered please:

Is Rune a vampire? Or at least half? I mean, she was on the brink of death and Ronan gave her his blood. Shouldn't she be a vampire?

She should, right? I mean, she wouldn't have woken up in a coffin in this chapter...
4/17/2005 c34 Waiting N Waiting N Waiting
Please, please, please, please, please x Infinity Update! I'm dying already! What happens next?
4/11/2005 c34 22Schrodinger's Cat
No. It's not over. Relax! Would I leave you hanging? You just need to be patient...I've been a tad depressed lately and it's difficult to decide to sit down and write.

I truly appreciate your interest in my fic. Thank you so much for your reviews!
4/11/2005 c34 animegurl23
You know what...? I give up. It was a good story. I don't think I'll forget it...
4/6/2005 c34 animegurl23
I...will keep commenting...Until I/we receive e-mails saying that you have discontinued the story.

;_; I hope you haven't! Oh, please don't...
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