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7/20/2004 c20 kel89
That was really cool! A real adventure...One that I myself would want to be on.
8/3/2003 c20 74Letters to No One
That is really, really good, Kris. I now see why I've come to expect such things from you when it comes to writing.
5/9/2003 c20 Nocturnal Darkness
this kicks ass! 9/10. cool. added to fav authors and fav stories. be proud.
1/30/2003 c20 2BatThing1
Your talent makes me cry in shame.

*Begins to sob*

I stayed up on a school night for about two hours reading this fanfiction... and you know what! Its the first fanfiction I have actually read all the way through.

Once more, your talent is making me cry, excuse me.

1/25/2003 c2 5morrigaine
Great story so far. It has a good pace, and it's an interesting plotline. I WILL be back to read the rest of this story, sometime when I can really give it the attention that it deserves. Until then, thanks for reviewing my story.
1/18/2003 c20 Effie
I thought it was a wonderful story and kind of a suprise. It was full of rather innocent romance, though. That was sweet, but strange. A little more action, please.
1/6/2003 c20 20Xelena
Chapter 18- Facing the King

they're in deep shit, or so it seems... surrounded by enemies... no hope of

survival except to brought into the very devil's presence.

somewhat pleased? you'd think they'd be ecstatic about not having to fight. and so

they're shoved through a "non-existent" door, well, non-existent on the inside anyways.

So, what exactly is he? humanoid, but what species...

sick, twisted, whatever word you come up with for his nature probably works, but he's

powerful none the less.

Rauhun king- 1, duo- 0... one weaponless the other nearly so.

obviously not since she just got herself practically killed through suffocation.

Ooooo- alastair's pissed. and so he resorts to whacking with a staff... and

thus saves his partner from being strangled.

obviously he would be cross- he just got whacked with a metal staff.

ooo- they're screwed. gee- i do believe he's trying to get her to lose patience...

and they try and try but fail. nothing seems to work against him.

ones sure and so is the other.

to protect one who's protected her...

Chapter 19- Goodbye is Too Final

more than ever third degree burns... it sounds horrible, i can only imagine the looks

of it.

i'd say so... well, pain seems to go hand-in-hand with living. what? she has to

go home now?

awww, how sweet.

they love each toehr how cute... and now she can't wait to see her again.
1/6/2003 c18 Xelena
Chapter 16 - Finding the Way

that was quick and effective... smart alecks the both of them.

i love Alex's "Dracula" comment, it's so typical of her. he's getting to know her


they're arguing, so thus they get themselves in trouble.

typical- a rotting bridge that the beroes must go over- i like it.

he tells her not to look down and she does exactly that.

shut eye is good.

good excuse, but not good enough...

gee, joke or sarcasm... what an option.

uniforms? how about how the hell are they going to pass as Rauhun guards?

Chapter 17 - Undercover Heroes

hmmm- so it's torture or sucking it up? i choose...

obviously, she was right about it attracting attention.

teasing as always.

ooo- someone almost admitting to a crush i do believe.

they should have been aware that he had that ability...

it's called destiny, bub- they're destined to defeat you!

Diabolical indeed- so instead of "disposing" of his enemies, he gonna fight them

after capturing them. a cruel snarl resembling a cold, icy smile.. never thought of that.

he holds fear over his subjects, or so it seems. Alex and Alastair beg? never.
12/26/2002 c1 Marissa
I love the story! The Tickle War scene was great! Can't wait for the sequel!

12/10/2002 c20 4thepersonality
12/3/2002 c20 5Abinikai
Ohh, that's so sad and sweet at the same time. I have one comment, (constructive critisicm). The battle was kind of short and, well, not very interesting or realisitc. You might want to go read battles scenes from other books, they might help. It wasn't bad, but the battle just...ended. I kind of expected there to be something more to it. Question: Are you continuing, or are you done with it? Please continue...or at least a sequel. I want Alex and Alastair to be reunited, but that's just me. Bye!
11/30/2002 c20 20Heart in Chains
oh my... this is juz so sad. i mean, juz when the two of them had the chance to be together in "peace", they had to separate. you should make a sequel to this. maybe, it should be about alex and alastair meeting each other in her world or sumthin like that. anythin would be nice.

this story is really one of my favorites. i enjoyed how you wrote the events and i'm especially a fan of your fighting scenes. they rock! anywayz, alex is actually wut some people call me. go figure. nah! keep up the good work! lol! ^_^
11/23/2002 c20 2Cow Alien
yay! you finished the story is there going to be a sequel? there better be. good story, especially the last chapter...sad...
11/21/2002 c20 Miranda Crystal-Bearer

Sorry, just HAD to do that! ^^;; Aww, what a sweet ending and... WAIT JUST A COTTON PICKIN' SECOND! It's OVER? *Burst into tears, then brightens* Since it's over, will I get invited to the wedding? ^^

I'm impossible... ^^ Lovely story, my dear. Alex and all were so very real, and the detail (that I annoyed you about) was excellent! ^^ Cheers, m'dear!
11/21/2002 c20 Scarlet Artemis
I WANT A SEQUEL! HOW CAN YOU JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! THEY DIDN'T EVEN KISS GOODBYE! *takes deep breathes* Ok, now that I'm calm-ER, I'd like to tell you that despite the abrupt ending, I love it! Please write a sequel! I'll be your friend forever!

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