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11/21/2002 c20 Serena
NOOOOOOO! You can't end it like that!What happens next? Are you going to write a sequel? Please, please write a sequel. I'm begging you.


11/19/2002 c19 Serena
Hey Efad!

That was such a great story!But you can't just leave me hangin there! Please, please, please hurry up with the next chapter. :)

11/15/2002 c19 5Abinikai
NO, Damn it, you're not ALLOWED to leave mo on a cliff hanger like that! Damn it! Please, post soon, so I'm not left in aggony of notknowing what happens...!
11/5/2002 c18 Abinikai
Hey, there's good and bad about reviewing. Good: I finally finished the story. Bad: No more story to read ! :( Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait. Oh, by the way, I'm not continuing Death of the God of Death, unless I get some major inspiration. I'm...having trouble with inspiration. Try reading JAC's GW fic. It does have Quatre as excessively gay, but he's comedy relief, and he's the only one. Currently, that is my work in progress...it's just comedy! Mwa ha ha! Okay, I'm getting carried away...too much fun! Keep up the good work! You have a few typos, mostly spelling and punctuation, and there are a couple of parts I can't tell exactly what you're talking about unless I re-read the sentence. Otherwise, you needn't change a thing! Post soon...please.
11/4/2002 c18 Tidus-soul
Please could you write chapter 19.

I can't wait for you.

You cant just leave it as that!

Nathan / Tidus soul

Mystic Moon is even better!
11/3/2002 c18 Miranda Crystal-Bearer
Eh, it's "affect," not "effect." Effect is when something happens. Affect is when it causes something to happen TO what is already in effect! Confusing, I know. Oh, and in the first new thingie you did, you forgot to bump up the chapter numbers, hon. It's no longer chapters seven, nine and fourteen. It's now eight, ten, and fifteen. Other than that, it's all good! Way to go, Eferad. Cheers. ALEX AND AL FOREVER!
11/3/2002 c1 Abinikai
I know most people don't review for the first chapter, not when there are so many to follow, but I don't know how far I'll be able to read, so just suck it up. Good job so far, you've intruiged me. No mistakes that I could catch, at least, without readint it over again. Good job! Now, on with my reading! Mwa ha ha ha ha!
10/28/2002 c1 ShadowChii
I luv your story. The way you describe things make it seem as if I'm standing right there. Please write more.

10/26/2002 c17 1Tidus-soul
This is an amazing story my friends and i are reading it. Its amazing.
10/7/2002 c16 Xelena
you know me, i'm just lazy and chose not to sign it... anyways, nice set up for the final battle- please continue soon
10/6/2002 c15 53Individual-9086
Your story is moving along great, it has really kept my interest. The one thing that I don't really like is the part where Alex tried to kill herself. Suicide comes from serious problems that don't seem to go away, and big issues that people have. Generally people won't try to kill themselves on a whim, unless they already have issues that have been building up. I like the romance building up between Alex and Alastair, I'm glad you started with friendship though, because thats the way it happens best. Good job on an all around good story, I can't wait to read more.
10/1/2002 c1 Individual-9086
Very interesting... in a good way! I like it, your plot is very good and your characters are intrigueing. I'd like to read more but am a bit pressed for time, so I'll be back.
9/29/2002 c15 1Tidus-soul
Please continue its so good
9/27/2002 c12 blue-angel45
How do you make your story so nice? Anywayz, I really really really (okay, I'm shutting up) like the way your story goes! It's way too cool! Alastair and Alex seem to be developing romance between them, are they? Tell me! Plzzzz! Next time, could you be the one to give a remark on my works? Did I say I think your story is nice already? Hehe! Lol!
9/27/2002 c15 20Xelena
i liked this chapter- emotional too
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