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9/27/2002 c15 Scarlet Artemis
o_O Cliff hanger! I can't wait for chapter 16! I LOVE this story to pieces! ^_^ Please e-mail me when it's done! A+A mushyness! Please hurry! Please, please, plleeaassseee!

~ Lexi

P.S. Sorry, I'm a 'little' hyper ^_^'
9/15/2002 c14 20Xelena
i see something more developing here... *suggestive wink-* hinthint
9/14/2002 c14 Jester
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIII! WAI did it end so soon? WAI insn't there more!

WAI havn't I reviewed latly?~~WAI loved it! I don't think it can be improved on at all!
9/12/2002 c13 Xelena
she's going to commit suicide? no! actually, it'll be interesting to see how/if Alastair saves her.
9/8/2002 c12 Miranda Crystal-Bearer
You've already heard my complaints, but I'll boost your mood with a review! ^^ Love it so far, honey. Keep it going, but still, try to stick to reality and facts, please! Just a request. An' I still wanna pinch Alastair for no reason other than to do it. ~.^
8/31/2002 c11 Jester
Wai! What took you so long? I've been waiting!

You had better be faster with the next chapter!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII!

I really liked this chapter! WAIWAIWAIWAI!
8/23/2002 c10 Calatinas
How dareth ye leave of right there!
8/17/2002 c10 Jester
WAI WAI! ME LOVE IT!, This so sweet. ^.^ WAI!
8/15/2002 c9 Jester
7/26/2002 c8 Jester
WAI! LOTs of chapters! Me LOVED IT! WIA!

so sad, poooooooooor Alastair...
7/24/2002 c6 Xelena
HEY, no fair! you cna't leave it there? so what happens next? does one of the Rauhun (i think tbat's the spelling) get her, or what?
7/23/2002 c6 silverpunk
NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ALASTAIR! What happens next? Alex must save him! Write more soon!
7/23/2002 c2 Jester
WOW! I've read some good things, this is AWSOME! Very good! I'll be waiting for an update!
6/5/2002 c2 Miranda Crystal-Bearer
*Blibk*Blink*Blush*Blush* Efadmon! *Scolding tone* I-er-oh, nevermind! When I'm off this sugar-high I'll be able to think and review properly, I suppose. Still, I guess one must do what one must do...BUT STILL! Agh! I'm going elsewhere to woirk off this sugar high! Where's Link? I'll run him off that stupid cliff yet...
5/20/2002 c1 Peppermints4You Too Lazy To Sign In
Ooooh please write more soon! This story's going on my favorites list!
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