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for Hollie & Josh

4/12/2003 c11 6Jaded Breeze
Aw! That was the BEST story I've ever read on FP.N. Aw!
12/25/2002 c11 snowyangel
*sniff*..dis is so sweet~!

i like how u wrote the story in diff POVs~ c(^.^c)
12/11/2002 c1 Katt
I luv this story! ur a great author! i wish i was this good!
8/16/2002 c11 Hollie
Hm. See, turns out, my name's Hollie and I have a friend named Josh. So...This story was a little weird for me. I liked some of it, but I hated some of it too. Kinda creepy.
8/4/2002 c11 20Beau Coeur
And Amo il ragazzo here! Great story, it was really sweet in the end w/josh and hollie! It was really good! KUTGW
8/2/2002 c11 Jess
Good Fic! When I was reading it, it felt like you're ending it in a rush, which meant it seem like you had ended it too quickly. hehe... But I do respect the way you wrote this fic. (^_^)
6/5/2002 c8 Jess
Sad that she actually got raped! =(

Please continue!
6/5/2002 c8 writingchick1321
wow... very unexpected events! good chapter though, maybe the rating should just be rating R instead of NC-17... it wasn't that bad so i think R is a good rating. but that is just a suggestion!
6/3/2002 c5 Naughty-Angel1
5/23/2002 c2 Gigi
I think I found the problem with your story. You need to reverse everything you did. Like since the girl was really well aqainted with the school, you should have let her kiss the 'most popular guy or somthing like that. I really am enjoying it. -Gi
5/23/2002 c5 Gigi
Update Soon, I'm now soooo into this story!

5/23/2002 c4 Gigi
I like this chapter better, the note thing is kinda cheesy, but the Veronica thing was kinda cute. -Gi
5/23/2002 c3 Gigi
I like this chapter a whole lot better than the first, i didnt like the first, as you know, even though, i'm sorry i acted like a bitch on my first review, I just like critisim, so usually I give it. The only thing I didn't like is how you ended it, like if only Claire hadn't kissed me, that was kinda cheesy, but the rest turned out okay.
5/23/2002 c2 REa
You have confused me greatly. I couldn't keep the characters straight. I thought her and Josh were best friends, but then you say george is best friends with josh?
5/23/2002 c1 Gigi
I don't like this to be honest. I think the whole way you displayed how, and why he kissed her was pretty juvinile. I hate the title, Hollie and Josh, that's original. I think he should have been drunk, I didn't AT ALL, like how you displayed any of it! I like the idea, but you could have been sneakear, like he SECREtly starts dating her.
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