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for Baby Andrew

10/24/2000 c1 2Fuzzy Blue Owl
Freaky, and good descriptions, but why does she want children? Hmmmm . . . a little explanation is greatly needed, but otherwise very good!
10/18/2000 c1 Joshua Graham
Well, first off, this is pretty ridiculous. You have this sort of ghoul woman, here, who likes to scare little children to death. Now, here, you have an innocent small child, killed by the forces of evil for no reason at all. Why? How come no one ever noticed the ghoul in the attic before? How come there are no forces of good to protect the little kid? And finally, this really seems like the product of a morbid, and disturbed imagination.
10/12/2000 c1 kat kassidy1
okay...do u have a baby brother u hate !(nah - im only messin.) great imagination! one question - why does she trance the kids up to the attic ? she justs looks at the boy !and when he fell she just went back to her seat !she didnt suck his blood or take any vital organs to munch on (as most monsters/"women with manked up faces" do )what was her point in trancing him up ? Deadly story though!
10/10/2000 c1 Colin
That was good, I guess...but WAY TOO dark, even for me. If he'd been older, maybe...but two? That's too sad to be scary. Other than that - it was well-written and had good descriptions...I liked it. I think. *grins*
9/28/2000 c1 Animagus Jago
That was pretty good!
9/24/2000 c1 I
sad. Very sad.
9/23/2000 c1 FallenANGEL
Ok, he dissapeared, he didn't die. And that brain splatter part just wasn't artistic enough for my snooty tastes.

:-) Actually I thought it was pretty good, except the brain splatter part. Excuse me while I puke. Were we in a bad mood when we wrote this? :-)
9/23/2000 c1 SamanthaGrant
he died? you better write a sequel make him come back!

just kidding..is your fic uhhh..very kewl!
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