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for Memories of Happiness

10/7/2002 c1 JazzPizza
You don't read this poem, you feel it. A great capturing of a person and a moment.

Very expressive. The repetition of "I can't" gives the poem a certain addition to its dramatic voice- but the emotion within the poem is enough to make it scream no matter what the device.

What can I say? I like it. And I can relate to the feeling.
8/26/2002 c1 20monsterbreaker
Hmmmm...love it. I cant think of better words other than that. Love it

8/20/2002 c1 6Blue Peanut
Wonderful poem. Very sincere and heartfelt. Sometimes I think having been happy just makes the rest seem worse...I dunno. Keep writing!
7/30/2002 c1 NoDa-chan
...wow! just wow. this poem is amazing, it completely captures the emotions and feelings that would flow through the mind of someone thinking like this (me, for example). this poem is also beautifully written, the use of words and phrases is excellent. keep up the great work!


*scampers off to read and review your other stuff*
6/12/2002 c1 3Neya Trinidad
That's like me. That's how I feel.
6/10/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
I can relate -A LOT-... *sigh*

Excellent Job.
6/9/2002 c1 52Princegino
wow your poems are very good! i like them alot! keep writting and ill review! plz keep writing! very good!
6/8/2002 c1 lalalalalala1
Aww, That's so sad! You reviewed on alot of my poems, So I thought I would do the same! I really like your stuff! Thanks for reading mine! You are probably like the nicest person about it all!

6/6/2002 c1 122Mistress Jakira
*wails* I know what you're saying! I feel like this all the time. Thanks so much for posting it, it's really overflowing with emotion and it's so real...I love the repetition of "I can't" because that's just the only way to describe it, and it's so...damn...good! ^_^; I dunno how else to put it. Man, it's just like me...it's almost as though I wrote it. ^_^ What an amazing poem. Thanks for reviewing mine, btw ("If It Doesn't"), keep writing! ~MJ
6/1/2002 c1 Liller
very powerful nice ending. you might want to clarify when you say, "the friend that used to love me." is that romantically or just as friends?
5/26/2002 c1 26GoddessofBlue
:-( that's sad i likies though! i wish i could write poetry. grrrrrrr... i hate you now lol nah not really. this is really good :)

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