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11/5/2003 c1 10Cali Vinett
Holt SH*T!


I forgot how hilarious this is...I just read it and am now wiping tears from my eyes. Cait honey, I love you - you're a genious! AHH!


*is still cracking up*

...it took me eight tries to type that right. LOL.

You gotta write more hilarious fics involving us!

-Irene! [insert trasslebird here]
5/25/2002 c1 SilverPuppy
:D That was funny! Good job! I liked it when they were singing! Then again, I liked pretty much the whole thing!
5/24/2002 c1 13Ruby Maia Wexler-Granger
Yaayy! Write more please!

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