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for Hate and Love

5/25/2002 c1 3BlueGemini612
Pretty nice poem. I liked the way it all came together when I read every other line. I liked the poem about love better than the one about hate.
5/24/2002 c1 84Jennifer Jolie
I'm very critical of poems. Please don't mind me too much. : )

I'm thinking very hard abt the 'in between the lines'. : )

I'm trying to decide- is this the kind of poem written by eg. a girl trying to get away from an egoistic guy madly in love with her and who believes that she is madly in love with him? Like Johnny Bravo? ; )

Nice though. You have great lines. Only now and then you have something a bit out of place like 'That is more horrid than you', 'absolute putridness'. : ) Nvm. It's good, really! I like the bit, "descended upon the living". : )

One more thing: Diana is not really the best of the best, if we're talking about the same Diana. I'd recommend Venus, who is better known anyway. : )

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