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for Last Unicorn

12/25/2005 c1 21Aella88
Wow. I have seen The Last Unicorn and heard the song. I have to say Ilove you view of it. The words and the imagery they provoke are beautiful. The way the tale goes reminds me of the story of Beloved in The Ubicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville. In the fact that a pure maiden was used as bait for the unicorn so that the hunter could kill it. Also a bit like the movie Legend. Keep up your wonderful work. I can't wait to red more.
5/3/2003 c1 76CoolBeans18s
This is sad, but a nice piece of poetry. Nice twist to the story. Good job!

~ CoolBeans18s
5/1/2003 c1 14Acorna
"And it seems

Like all is dying

And would leave the

World to morn

In the distance hear the laughter of the last Unicorn - I'm alive

I'm alive."

Nice twist on the story. Very sad, but good just the same.

12/15/2002 c1 52antiquatednotions
Wow. I've read Peter Beagle's Last Unicorn, and I love both it and the Unicorn's Sonata, and I think that this expresses it perfectly. Nice job. Cheers,

8/11/2002 c1 blue-strawberry52
that is so sad! *sniff* *sob* *sniff*
8/9/2002 c1 The Author Idiots
REVIEW! OR ELSE. Nameless one? Grace, is that you?
8/7/2002 c1 TheNamlessOne
Very good, i hope you write more, the movie was lacking a little bit, but maybe this poem is not... Grace!
6/15/2002 c1 Night Shade

Good poem tho'...Keep writin' feathered one.
5/27/2002 c1 Chaotic-Giant
that is a very good poem

i have never herd a poem like that about a unicorn

usally they are "pretty" and "nice"

and they always have happy ending

but this was cool
5/26/2002 c1 16Celtic Dragoness
*tear* have I ever mentioned how much I like that poem? Hmm...if I put a coyright on it should I post TTOSBT up here so people know what we are talking about?

5/25/2002 c1 32Morbane
That's very sad and well written. 5 stars. Have you read the book too? I love one of the other songs in the film - 'Walking Man's Road'. Great, isn't it? (Book, film, song).
5/25/2002 c1 28Shadowgirl
Great poem! I loved it when the unicorn's eyes were described and the description of it as a whole. Sad that it had to die, but I like the imagery. Nice job!

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